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Crypto versus an Albino Blisk

The Albino Blisk is a special species of Blisk Warriors. Not much is known about them besides their white color, and massively increased power, the locals mistake it for a yeti. It's suggested that the Albino Blisk Warriors were the results of Soviet Union experiments. They are found only in Tunguska, Their beams of energy were stronger and their shields were very durable. In battle, Albino Blisk use insults and taunts in place of normal battle cries of a standard Blisk Warrior. The first Albino Blisk hid in forests that were not too far from the Blisk Warship and during the odd job he's discovered in, is accompanied by two Blisk Mutants. After killing him, you can find Albino Blisk randomly in Tunguska, but you aren't rewarded for actively hunting them.

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