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An Albino Blisk fighting Crypto.

Not much was known about the Albino Blisk. Most of the ones who were found were isolated away from other Blisk. Also, Albino Blisk appeared to have a larger independent mind than other Blisk. That may have been the reason for the detachment of the other Blisk hive members.

Albino Blisks were much stronger than normal Blisks: Their beams of energy were stronger and their shields were very durable.

Effective WeaponsEdit

  • Gastro dealt high damage and took the enemy's attention. Crypto was ignored and he ccould kill the Albino Blisk without getting hit.
  • The Zap-O-Matic was an effective weapon against the Albino Blisk because it had unlimited ammo, dealt a good amount of damage to them and other Blisk, and it was the best result when it was combined with Gastro.

Non-Effective WeaponsEdit

In battle, Albino Blisk used insults and taunts in place of normal battle cries. It was speculated that the Albino Blisk were Blisk who experienced a new mutation which caused that understanding of Human Language or that they spent time trying to study it while on Earth. The Albino Blisk were often mistaken for Yetis in Tunguska. The Albino Blisk hid in forests that were not too far from the Blisk Warship and were sometimes with Blisk Mutants. That suggested that the Albino Blisk were the results of Soviet Union experiments, but due to the dialogue that they used like: "For Mars!", that idea was ruled out. It was also said that the Albino Blisk had a white shell that they have could been the attempt to blend in their surroundings of ice and snow. However, nothing was known of the causes that resulted in the more powerful shield and beam of energy that the Albino Blisk shot from their right claw.

Appearances Edit