Crypto's new anal probe

The MK IV Anal Probe in Path of the Furon.

Anal Probe (General) Edit

The Anal Probe was used as more of a tool than a weapon across the Destroy All Humans! Games. It was used for collecting Human Brain Stems mostly, but its exact functions weren't fully defined, and came with slightly different versions for each of the four games. When a target was successfully hit, they ran away, grabbed their butts, and defecated, before their Brain Stem was blasted out of their head.

AP-47 Edit

The 1947 Anal Probe was present in Destroy All Humans!. It was a small, black gun with a green container on the back. It worked by being charged and then shot at a human. A fully charged shot sent a Pedestrian or a Cop running before their heads exploded and allowed Crypto to collect their Brain Stems. Two fully charged shots were needed to take down a Soldier, and three shots were needed to take down a Majestic Agent or a PSI Mutant. It did not require ammo and was the only weapon that was not upgraded by Orthopox. That was the only Anal Probe that didn't require ammo, but for immediate extraction then charging it up was necessary. It was the only weapon in the entire Destroy All Humans! series that wasn't upgraded. A sentence on Wikipedia described the Anal Probe's functions: "A powerful rod that goes into the victim's rectum and uproots a D.N.A. enriched brain".

AP-69 Edit

The second Anal Probe from Destroy All Humans! 2 looked the same as before, but required ammo. The MK II Anal Probe set the trend for the next installments: it instantly killed a human. Brains were still collected, though it was only able to use Mind Flash. Using the Anal Probe on a Blisk Mutant turned them back into human. Upgrading the Anal Probe merely increased the ammo, and went to five, seven, and nine shots respectively. Ammo was obtained by Transmogrify, the same as the Disintegrator Ray, and other weapons in Destroy All Humans! 2 that required ammo. It was the only version of the Anal Probe that was not obtained near the start of the game, as it was collected after the first Invasion Site.

AP-75 Edit

1975's Anal Probe gained a new look, which resembled a bow-caster. That Anal Probe used ammo, but all shots returned to the gun like a boomerang upon extracting a human's Brain Stem. Upgrading it allowed for more shots to be fired and gain the ability to actually bring the Brain Stems to Crypto.

AP-77 Edit

The 1977 model gained another new look, with its full name being the Orthopox AP-77 Anal Probe, and resembled a grenade launcher. It had recharging ammo once again, but by priming the weapon, it could lock on to multiple Humans at once, and/or send multiple probes into human rectums. Unlike previous incarnations which did no damage against bosses, this one did. Its upgrades consisted of three rectal damage upgrades allowing for faster brain extraction, three upgrades allowing for more probes to be launched per prime, and three ammo based upgrades.

Trivia Edit

  • The Anal Probe was originally going to be a weapon called the Brain Bug. Evidence of that was in the Destroy all Humans! Archive: Evolution of an alien.
  • The name and portrayal of the Anal Probe was a reference to the popular (and rather ridiculous) legends of aliens who kidnapped Humans and probed them.
  • The Orthopox AP-77 Anal Probe, is the only current way to give names to all the models of each weapon, AP for Anal Probe, and 77 for the year PotF takes place, 1977.

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