Crypto's new anal probe

The Orthopox AP-77 Anal Probe as it appears in Path of the Furon.

The Anal Probe is one of Crypto's many weapons, used through all Destroy All Humans! games.

Description and Effect Edit

The Anal Probe is often portrayed in different ways throughout each game, with each one upgrading its capabilities.

Destroy All Humans!Edit

This Anal Probe is a small, black gun with a green blob on the back. It works by being charged and then shot at a human. A fully charged shot can send a civilian or a Policeman running before their heads explode, allowing Crypto to collect the brain stems. Two fully charged shots are needed to take down a Soldier, whereas three shots are needed to take down a Majestic Agent or a Majestic Mutant. It does not require ammo and is the only weapon that cannot be upgraded by Orthopox. This is the only Anal Probe that doesn't require ammo, but for immediate extraction then charging it up is necessary. A sentence on Wikipedia describes the Anal Probe's functions: "A powerful rod that goes into the victim's rectum and uproots a D.N.A. enriched brain".

Destroy All Humans! 2Edit

The Anal Probe looks the same as before but now requires ammo. Setting the trend for the next installments, the Anal Probe can instantly kill a human. Human brains can still be collected, though it is only to be able to use the Mind Flash Ability. Using the weapon on a Blisk Mutant turns them back into humans. Upgrading it increases the ammo. Ammo is obtained by transmoging objects, same as the Disintegrator gun (once the Anal Probe is obtained, transmoging will cause either Anal Probe or Disintegrator ammo to be randomly given).

Big Willy UnleashedEdit

The Anal Probe gains a new look, resembling a bow-caster. This Anal Probe doesn't need ammo since any shots fired return when the target's brain stem has been ripped out. Upgrading it allows for more shots to be fired while also gaining the ability to actually bring the stems to Crypto.

Path of the FuronEdit

The Anal Probe gains another new look, now dubbed the Orthopox AP-77 Anal Probe, and now resembles a grenade launcher. This Anal Probe requires ammo once again, but is able to lock on to multiple human targets. Unlike previous incarnations which do no damage against bosses, this one actually can.

In the StoryEdit

The Anal Probe is usually acquired early in the game. In the first game and Big Willy Unleashed, it's given in the first mission. At its latest, its Datacore is found in the Albion tunnel system in Destroy All Humans 2, right before confronting KGB Agent Oranchov, also the first Blisk Mutant the player encounters.

Trivia Edit

  • The Anal Probe was originally going to be a weapon called brain bug. Evidence of this is in the Destroy all Humans! archive called Evolution of an alien.
  • The name and portrayal of the Anal Probe is a reference to the popular (and rather ridiculous) legends of aliens kidnapping humans and giving them anal probes.

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