Animals are Earth creatures that appear in several different games and locations.

Destroy all Humans!Edit

In the first game, cows and chickens both appear. They appear in 3 locations, including Turnipseed Farm, Rockwell, and Area 42. Radioactive cows also appear, exploding if thrown. Other animals were supposed to appear in the game, including dogs, but they were removed for an unknown reason. Animals can not be holoblobbed, nor can you extract their DNA. You can steal scan their mind, hypnotize them, and PK them, though.

Big Willy UnleashedEdit

Animals appear again in BWU, but only cows. They appear in Fairfield only. This time they can be bodysnatched, and unlike in the first game, they appear all over the map, not just in fences or fields.

Other GamesEdit

Technically, animals do not appear in Destroy all Humans 2, but you can still hear them. You can heard birds, owls, dogs, wolves, and other and in destroy all humans path of the furon sounds of dogs barking in some levels yet never seen

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