Area 42

Crypto-137 killing soldiers in Area 42.

Area 42 is a top secret US Government base. It has a nuclear test site, an airfield and a Majestic base. It is an obvious parody of Area 51. In Area 42, Crypto 137 sees his past self, Cryptosporidium 136, dead. Crypto then swears revenge upon his "brother's" passing.

There is no fence around the border to the base. Instead, several sign posts state that "photography is prohibited" and "RESTRICTED AREA". In real life, Area 51 has a similar border set up. The border is marked by orange posts which are hard to see during the day, causing many to accidentally trespass on the base. The game shows the border being patrolled by the Army, while Area 51's boarders are protected by a network of ground sensors, security cameras and a private security company.

The area around the base is primarily desert. Several hills surround the facilities.

Area 42 is surrounded by mountain ranges and ridges. One of these ridges, Freedom Ridge, allowed curious tourists to see (and photograph) the entire base without fear of being caught trespassing. The exclusion zone around the Area 51 now includes Freedom Ridge. Similar hills in the game fall outside the gameplay area, although it is possible that you could have good views of the base from some of them. The newspaper that reports on events going on in Area 42 is "The Star Spangled Banner".

The base is operated by Armquist for Military testing.

Places of InterestEdit

Majestic Base - The Majestic base was at the edge of Area 42, mainly focusing on turning humans into mutants and producing radioactive cows. The base was surrounded by telsa coils. Crypto destroyed this with his Saucer.

Military Base - The Military base consisted of Soldiers, Army and Air Force Generals, and sometimes Scientists. The base is surrounded by sentry turrets and most of the base consists of Barracks and an HQ.

Nuclear Testing Site - The nuclear testing site is a small area, consisting of only 1 building. Only a small amount of Scientists and Soldiers are placed here. There are large holes in the ground due to the nuclear tests, and also a shooting range is present.

Airfield- The Airfield is adjacent to the Military Base. Three hangars are present, and one of them contains the foot of the Robo-Prez. There were a few F-86 Fighter Jets, a B-29 Superfortress and a helicopter also here, but were all destroyed when the nuke detonated.


  • Area 42 is based on Area 51, as well as the running gag of 42 from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • After the mission Duck and Cover (the final mission in Area 42), Robo-Prez's foot can be seen in a hangar.
  • Soldiers can be seen shooting cows on a road.
  • Area 42 is the only area to predominantly feature hostiles instead of civilians.

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