Armed Hippies AKA freedom fighters or vigilante hippies are a faction of hippies fighting against the military and civilians as well as Crypto.



  • Armed Hippie 1: A grey haired hippie waring black clothes and a headband, has a shotgun and fairly low health.
  • Armed Hippie 2: A blonde haired hippie with blue jeans other than appearance, same as Armed Hippie 1.
  • Hippie Driver: Red haired Afro hippie, drives an armored hippie van.


  • Armored Hippie Van: A Volkswagen van painted hippie style with a large double gunned turret on its top, driven by a hippie driver.
  • Revalade Truck: A truck with a Revalade container on it, it has the combined destruction effects of a trashcan and a Revalade container fish bones, apple cores, and other trash fly everywhere and a purple explosion occurs when destroyed.
  • Hippie Nuke: A hippie van driven by either armed hippie, no special abilities, just a hippie van. Only its mission makes it special.
  • Revalade Blimp: A blimp full of Revalade. Flies, and like the nuke, has no abilities only their mission makes them different.


  • They Shoot Hippies Don't They?: Revelade Blimps must be destroyed within a time limit.
  • The Alien Who Probed Me: There are Revelade Trucks that must be destroyed to win this level, these trucks are guarded by an Armed Hippie Van and some KGB agents.
  • The Guns of Alcatraz: 4 hippie nukes must be destroyed in a time limit in order to finish the mission.
  • Ruin Lives - The Draft Dodger: Armed hippies flood the city and out-rightly attack the Police and the Military. Armored hippie vans appear on the roads but can swerve off the roads and hit Crypto. Clayton Cartwell Jr. must be taken back to the Army base to complete the mission.

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