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―Armquist's take on Silhouette

General Armquist was the leader of the United States Army appearing only in Destroy All Humans!. He was one of the major military leaders in America, along with Silhouette. Armquist acts as the main antagonist of Destroy All Humans! for most of the game.


Despite his senile appearance, Armquist can be quite agile, being able to land a decent punch on Crypto before running away. He's also able to pilot his own personal powersuit, equipped with missiles and arm blasters.

Armquist's power suit

Armquist is very jingoistic, and takes a very anti-Communist stance; often accusing Crypto of working with the Russians. He's also quite aggressive, preferring the use of nukes on those he deems America's enemies. His life is run in a very military fashion, which he seems to enjoy. Despite being a loyal American, he dislikes most of his allies, including Silhouette for being shady, and Huffman for being a puppet for the Majestic commander.


Armquist is an older man appearing to be in his late forties to mid 50s. He wears leather brown shoes, a pair of black sunglasses, a general's army cap, and a light brown uniform labeled with badges. Armquist walks with a slight limp on his right side, possibly caused by the explosion from Crypto 136's saucer crashing.


Voiced by John Cygan

Armquist was first seen at the beginning of the game overlooking the missile launch pad experiment at Area 42. He's the first to notice 136's saucer flying over the missile. He immediately orders the experiment to be stopped, but the missile is still launched, taking down the saucer. He ordered the craft and the Furon to be captured. As overheard by 137 moments before the discovery of 136's body, it is revealed that General Armquist's first name is "Dick", as said by the air force general.

Armquist is not seen again until he leads an Army convoy to destroy Santa Modesta's radio towers in order to end Bert Whither's broadcast. Though he deployed several tanks and the newly introduced Power Suits, he lost the battle to Cryptosporidium 137. Armquist was later seen at Area 42, inspecting the Air Force's new Saucer prototype. Crypto detonated a nuclear bomb in the hanger base, in a failed attempt to assassinate Armquist, who was notified and ordered to come to Capitol City by Silhouette. Once in Capitol City, Silhouette informs him of Majestic's plan to unify all branches of the United States military under Majestic control. Grudgingly, he obeys her demands and is sent to Union Town where he calls the leaders of the Marines, Air Force, and Navy. Before the meeting, Crypto subdues and holobobs the navy leader and infiltrates the meeting. Disguised as the Navy Leader, he turns the other two military leaders against Armquist and Majestic's plan. He then reveals himself to Armquist, after the last of the soldiers leaves. Armquist immediately realizes that Crypto is the one who has been trying to assassinate him, and responds to this realization by punching Crypto and suiting up in his own specialized power suit, while his soldiers hold off Crypto.

Afterwards, as Armquist lays dying next to the remains of his mech, Crypto makes a peace offering, telling Armquist that they could have found a way to work together. Armquist, for once, considers peace as the answer and believes Crypto's statement. Crypto then immediately disintegrates Armquist.


Armquist, defeated.

"I guess... at the end of the day... we really are all just... human beings!"
―Armquist's last words


  • His looks are inspired by General McArthur, and his line about 'preciously bodily fluids' comes from the film Dr Strangelove. While his personality seems to be partially based on Rod Steiger's character, General Decker, in the 1996 Tim Burton movie Mars Attacks!. Both are high authority figures in the U.S. Army and don't trust the extraterrestrials, only seeking their demise. Both are also killed by the aliens right after they make a joke or act funny.
  • Armquist's death was covered up by having him be painted as a secret Soviet spy who was killed as he attempted a coup.
  • Immediately after killing Armquist Crypto says "Psych", discrediting his idea of peace with humans as a lie.
  • Despite Armquist being disintegrated, his picture in the newspaper article, depicts him as only being slightly burned.
  • If the player choose to anal probe Armquist on "Armquist vs. the Furons" right after he gets out of his car, he will usually drop a red brain which gives the player 200 DNA. These are very rare, although you will fail the mission.


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