Attack of the 50ft president was the 22nd mission in Destroy All Humans! and the 5th and final mission in Capitol City. The mission involved Crypto destroying Robo-Prez and eliminating Silhouette.


The mission started with a talk with Sillouette at the Capitol Building about humanity's surrender. The conversation then turned into an argument when Sillouhette mentioned Crypto 136 and, after he revealed that "He" is actually a "she", Silhouette revealed Robo-Prez (A 50 foot tall robot with President Huffman's Brain that commanded it) and Crypto went to the Saucer. As Robo-Prez ran around Capitol City, it eventually blew up and Orthopox then started a conversation about killing Sillouette for unleashing Robo-Prez. Shillouette then ended the conversation after she interrupted and challenged Crypto. Crypto then landed the Saucer at the Octagon, took out Sillouette, and the mission ended with Majestic apparently leaderless.

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