The Bay City Police are the Police department of Bay City, California. Identifiable by their light-blue shirts, navy blue trousers, and police hats and (often) sunglasses, the Department is responsible for maintaining law and order in the city. They can be seen patrolling the city on foot and in cars, and perhaps reflecting their apparent reputation for violence and brutality in handling some of the city's less cooperative characters, they will shoot Crypto on sight. They will also be the first form of defense if Crypto begins to cause havoc in the city.

Crypto's first proper interaction with the force is in the third mission, where he is recovering the repair pods for the Saucer. The police appear to have found the crashed repair pods, and have cordoned them off and have called the Army in to help remove them.

Known OfficersEdit

  • Officer Martinez - Referenced in the third mission by two cops having a conversation, Martinez reportedly found the crashed datacore near the Coit Tower, and called in the Army to help recover them. Judging by his name, he is likely of Hispanic descent.
  • Officer Johnston - A female officer who works as dispatch in the BCPD HQ, she answers Crypto whenever he prank calls the Police.
  • Officer Rudolph - The Police officer who led the raid on the Hippie tents.

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