Belleville is the fourth Invasion Site in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon, and is constructed to parody the city of Paris, the capital and largest city of France. The name is based on the French words for Beautiful (Belle) and City/Town (Ville), reflecting the famous potrait vision of Paris as a popular, romantic tourist destination. While in Belleville, Crypto is tasked with investigating Frandodyne industries as a response to the Nexos sudden appearance on Earth.


The optional "Destroy All Humans! Movie" found in this area is known as the "Arc de Umph!" which is unlocked by tossing a human over the Arc de Triomphe. The second one is to destroy three of the barges in the water.

Landmarks Edit

Belleville Tower- The Belleville tower is a reflection of the world-renowned Eiffel tower in Paris. It is constructed on a man made island that attracts tourists and locals alike.

Francodyne Industries Cloning Lab - A Nexo Cloning lab built and operated by Francodyne Industries. It is destroyed by Crypto while he is in Belleville.

Chateau Crousteau - Chateau Crousteau is the Manor of Henri Crousteau, the CEO of Francodyne Industries. Crypto infiltrates the manor while in Belleville in an attempt to assassinate Crousteau, but fails. It is later taken over by the Furons.

Arc de Triomphe - The Arc de Triomphe is based on a similar structure in Paris called by the same name. Crypto sparks a union riot in attempt to cripple Francodyne's productivity.

Musee de Belleville - Based on the Louve in Paris, the Musee de Belleville comes under attack when Francodyne Industries attempts to steal the paintings because of trace amounts of certain chemicals which in term would help the production of Nexo clones. The museum is destroyed by Crypto, along with any priceless artwork.

Francodyne Tower - The company building that Crypto must destroy in the first mission, to take down Frankodyne's finances- Resembles the AXA Tower(now renovated, became the tallest building in Paris, Tour First)


In the first mission, Crypto destroys the Francodyne Building in the financial district. He then terrorizes the scientists by threatening them with their own pathological fears (hydrophobia, aqurophobia, and acrophobia). Crypto finds out the location of Henri Crousteau, the leader of Francodyne.

In the second mission, Crypto infiltrates Chateau Crousteau by posing as one of the Francodyne scientists. Once inside, he scans scientists until he finds the entertainment, Marcel Marcel. Crypto then bodysnatches Marcel Marcel and addresses the audience by repeatedly insulting them. Crypto drops his disguise and speaks with Crousteau, who sends out his guards to kill Crypto. Crypto kills the guards and tries to pursue Crousteau but, instead, releases gases that are horrible to the environment into the air.

In the third mission, Crypto has to get rid of the chemicals that Crousteau uses to make his Nexos. Crypto kills a Francodyne guard and picks up a recorded tape. He plays the tape to discover that the chemicals are in paintings found at the Museum. Crypto kills the art thieves and blows up the museum.


Henri Crousteau-Jacque Cousteau


Union Worker Employee 38

Marcel the mime


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