"Surely you don't mean those foul smelling gasbags beyond the fence." -Cryptosporidium 137

"Moo? Primitive, yet profound. Scan another one." -Holopox (Orthopox 13)

Bessie is a cow on Turnipseed Farm. She is the first enemy, first casualty, and the first encounter. Crypto scans her twice, then kills her and the other cows because she pooped in his face. She is mentioned throughout the rest of the game. Apparently, the last of the cows, the Turnipseed Family took her body and made it into steak.


  • "Mooooo!"
  • "Moo?"


Destroy All Humans Mission 1 Destination Earth Ps209:51

Destroy All Humans Mission 1 Destination Earth Ps2

Contains Bessie

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