Crypto with an unnamed Blue Gun

Destroy all Humans!Edit

  • Furon creatures were in the game and could be controlled by Crypto.
  • Santa Modesta was originally called Bay City. (This city appeared in DAH2)
  • There was a room called "Cryptos Chambers," in the mothership.
  • Other animals were in the game, including dogs.
  • The Army had a machine gun, grenades and extra armor.
  • Majestic agents had a slightly different facial apperance.
  • It was raining in Union Town.
  • You could "talk to Pox" on the mothership.
  • Capitol City had Trucks and Convertables.
  • Pox wasn´t crippled and could walk, Also Pox had a different look, With a tecnological Monocle
  • The Anal Probe was originally called Brain Bug and was larger.
  • You could see the Cryochamber/ Clone Chamber on the Mothership.
  • Crypto had two Primary Weapons, one a Blue Gun and another one resembling a Portable Vacuum Cleaner, Both of them being Crypto's Gun that changes functions from Zap- O- Matic, Desintegrator Ray, Brain Bug, and Ion Detonator.
Crypto 136 (3)

Crypto with his Gun resembling a vacuum cleaner...

  • Also the Blue Gun had a Hypno Blast, which was later used as a Mental Ability, not a Weapon.
  • Desintegrator Ray was Called Destructo Ray
  • Originally The Weapons were supposed to come from Crypto's Wrist.
  • Sonic Boom was originally Supposed to be a Machine Gun (The concept was later used on Path of the Furon: Plasma Cannons)
  • Abducto Beam had the form of an turned upside down Tornado.
  • On the Hangar Option, When moving to an Invasion Site You could see a text about the place.
  • There were Furon Scientists aboard the Mothership.
  • The Objectives had a purple Alien Face instead of a normal light above their heads.

Destroy all Humans! 2Edit

  • There was a banner advertising a fair in Bay City.
  • Bay City originally lacked pastel apartment buildings and had less scenery. Alongside this, the sky was blue instead of pink with orange sunlight.
  • The army truck from Destroy All Humans! were cut and replaced with the APC in the final game. However, the army truck is still used by Sergei in one mission in Tunguska.
  • The Blisk were supposed to have a Giant Ball with claws-like appearence,
  • Gastro had a Suit similar to Crypto with boots and gauntlets.
  • Natalya was supposed to have a short red dress and longer hair.
  • Perhaps not a Beta fact but the Burrow Beast is said to be a Furon Creature, but it appears on the Blisk Concept art Video and has similitudes with them, Perhaps it was supposely to be a Blisk monster shooted from a Furon Weapon, but due to Blisk’s Savage and Uncontrolable Nature it was unable to serve as a Furon Minion Beast.

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