Black hole 2

The Black Hole Gun summoned a black hole which sucked Humans, animals, and vehicles into it, and, after a while, imploded with the objects within it. It was acquired in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon. The Black Hole Gun was shown that it spit out human Brains upon completion, and also sucked up small Blue Nexos. However, it did not work on the Green and Red Nexo Warriors. The Black Hole Gun was acquired in Belleville during the mission "Attack of the Cloning lab". The Black Hole Gun was one of the most effective weapons in Path of the Furon, as it destroyed multiple enemies and vehicles in one shot. It was originally intended to have a popping sound at the end, but, for unknown reasons, you did not hear it, unless your froze time while the hole was active, and it died out while it was froze.

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