Blastomycosis, known as Blasto for short, is Cryptosporidium and Natalya Ivanovas' son. He appears in Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed.


Blasto is half Human and half Furon. He is very tall, has bright blue eyes, brown hair that is shaped like Natalya's (Crypto mentions that he has his mother's hair), and a high pitched voice. He carries an Ion Detonator and flies in a Furon Jetpack. He acquires these when he asks Natalya for them. She takes them from Crypto and gives them to Blasto, thinking that he is reaching out to his father when he really is trying to kill Crypto out of anger.

History Edit

In the game, Blasto makes Crypto fail his assassination missions by killing the final targets before Crypto with his Ion Detonator. He does this first in Harbor City, then Fairfield, Fantasy Atoll, and then Vietmahl, where he is caught by Crypto. When Crypto is about to kill him, Natalya calls him and tells him everything; after Crypto tampered with her DNA so that she wouldn't be able to resist him and cloned her, Blasto was born, but he has a certain hatred toward his father for abandoning him. Crypto starts acting like the father he should have been years ago and Blasto leaves. Blasto leaves behind an Ion Detonator bomb at Crypto's feet, which Crypto responds to by saying "That Son of a--!" before it explodes. It is unknown if Blasto will return again in the future and reunite with Crypto to become a family, as it has been detailed that Natalya died as her human clone body could only last for four years in DAH! 3 (once again another time error as she would have been dead long before this happened).

Appearances Edit

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