A Blisk Warrior

The Blisk, also called Martians, are a species hailing from Mars, featured in the Destroy All Humans 2.


The Blisk are large, crustacean lifeforms. They are bipedal, and their small heads are located on the top-center area of their bodies. These beings have a tough, dark-colored armor which makes them impervious to radiation and most Furon armaments. Their arms end in claws which are able to fire a green beam, though whether this is part of their standard anatomy or a weapon implant remains unknown.

The Blisk posses a hive mind, though each Blisk appears to be able to some degree of independent thought. The Blisk resist many Furon psychic attacks such as Psychokinesis and mental manipulation. Curiously, the Blisk appear to be able to infiltrate human society by taking a human form through unknown means.

There is also a small group of albino Blisk, often mistaken for yetis, a legendary creature from the Himalaya Mountains. They are bigger and much stronger than other Blisk, making them even more of a threat. However, they are usually found far away from most Blisk.

The Blisk also seem to prefer to inhabit mainly irradiated aquatic environments.


Not much is known about Blisk society aside from the fact they operate in a hive-like structure. When speaking, drones use the terms "we" or "us" but have occasionally slipped in times of danger when they refer to themselves as individuals. The leader of a Blisk hive appears to be exempt from this quirk, referring to himself only. It has been mentioned that the Blisk language is quite similar to what the humans refer to as the Russian language (according to Milenkov, this is because the Blisk like the Furons, also stopped by the planet Earth for "Shore leave").


The Martian WarEdit

Main article: Martian War

The Blisk didn't appear to have had imperial ambitions at the time the Furon Empire came to Mars. When the Martian War finally started, the Blisk were able to cripple Furon forces, so the war escalated to the point the Furons developed stronger radioactive weapons. The Blisk were nearly wiped out, and Mars was turned into a dead world, devoid of water. The only surviving Blisk were aboard a warship which crashed in Tunguska, Earth, in 1908. The Blisk proceeded to take over the Russian Revolution and take the reins of the newly-formed USSR.

Although not confirmed, it is generally assumed the Blisk are the "other aliens" responsible for destroying the Majestic agencies around the world with the exception of the American and British agencies. The reason why these two survived while others didn't is not known, although Crypto later wipes both agencies respectively.

Arriving on EarthEdit

Main article: Blisk invasion of Earth

At one point, the Blisk realized the Humans were the key to the survival of the Furons who now faced extinction. A plan was developed to cooperate with the Soviet Union in order to reach the Moon and set up a base, and bombard the Earth with spores and radiation, wiping out humanity, and with them the Furon's last hope for DNA. The Blisk were rediscovered by Cryptosporidium 138, in 1969 while Milenkov was leader, and a campaign was started to destroy the Blisk Warship on Tunguska, and later stop the bombardment of Earth. The Blisk bases on Solaris were destroyed (when Crypto took a human form and started an uprising of cosmonauts, and then ventured in to destroy the hive) and Milenkov was killed by Crypto. Following his death, the remaining Blisk rose up in order to send an emergency message to any alien ships passing by, requesting rescue. Their message was disabled and replaced with a Furon transmission. The remaining Blisks were then hunted down and destroyed, however Blisk can still be found in Tunguska suggesting that they survived but they are leaderless.


The Blisk, despite appearing to be simple brutes, have mastered radioactive and chemical warfare, along with genetic engineering. Most of their technorganic advancements are powered by radiation. Their hardware is made of a substance similar to the Blisk's own armor, and their weapons release radioactive beams of energy. Ironically, one of the methods for destroying Blisk weapons is to overload it with radiation. One huge development is the creation of Blisk spores which can turn a normal human into a mutant bent on destruction.

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