Blisk Spore

The Blisk had created Spores capable of creating Blisk Mutants, dangerous mutations of humans. They then attempted to release them on Albion and Tunguska, the site where the spores originated. Then they transported a number of Spores to Solaris, the Cosmonaut moon base, in an attempt shower the Earth with Blisk spores, turning it into a Blisk paradise, not unlike Mars before the Furon-Blisk war. This plot, however, was foiled by Cryptosporidium 138, Natalya Ivanova, and Orthopox 13, when they released an Anti-Blisk virus on the Blisk hive and strangely, the Spores are unable to affect Crypto only doing little damage depending on shield strength and due to being a different race he "could" be immune or his shield is protecting him more.

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