Allows Crypto to take over the body of another person (replacing Holobobbing from the first game). Once in a body, Crypto's energy bar will be replaced with that of the current host, which steadily decreases. When it reaches zero, Crypto is expelled and the host is killed. If Crypto expels himself early, the person will still be alive (albeit, with less health), and if they are an enemy character, they may attack. Body Snatching becomes required to enter certain areas restricted to certain player types (e.g.: a player needing to snatch a Secret Agent in order to sneak past other Secret Agents on an assassination mission. Further into the games the Body Snatch ability has improved in Big Willy Unleashed, that the host's health is delayed in order to hide in the body for longer periods of time. Body Snatching in Big Willy Unleashed is possible by going up to a human, click on Body Snatch, catch the brains, and you're in (the body). In Path of the Furon, the ability had greatly improved now able to replenish the host with ease by reading the minds of others making the host a semi-permanent home, until Crypto decides to leave on his own accord.

Trivia Edit

- In Path of the Furon, it is suggested that other Furons have learned Crypto's ability in order to make their abduction missions more successful (quote from a human woman: "I thought the stories of Zeus turning into a swan was funny, up until I found out that an alien had body snatched my husband!").

- Body snatch was possibly a homage to invasion of the body snatchers, and given that Crypto was named after a parasite, it made more sense for Crypto to learn that ability.

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