Breaking the Fourth Wall occurs when a character acknowledges that he/she is part of a video game. The fourth wall is continuously broken throughout the series, even at the start when Pox tells Crypto to "phsically manipulate the right analog stick" 


  • In the second game, Crypto markedly breaks the fourth wall by complaining the game's called Destroy all Humans!" Crypto also remarks that "the player is in the kitchen making nachos" while discusing modern art with Ponsonby.
  • In Path of the Furon, Pox accidentally says the 4th Ring of Furon is the last invasion site and said that the player might have heard it while he was playing, Crypto also protest that in THQ market reports that a fair percent of players are female, another form of breaking the fourth wall when pox stated the fourth ring is only around home because the actual homeworld would take too long to load up in the game itself. At the point where crypto unlocks the quantum deconstructor he says "its only the most powerful weapon in the whole freaking game"
  • In Big Willy Unleashed! In the opening cutscene, Pox asks Crypto what he thinks happens to all of the dead bodies of the humans he took the brain stems from, and Crypto responds, "I always figured they faded away, once I went around the corner." Refercing how dead bodies of enemies often fade away in video games after a short while, also in one of the side missions pox says "ever since our last video game adventure"

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