Capitol City

Crypto destroying buildings with his saucer in Capitol City.

Capitol City is the final area in Destroy All Humans! and it is based on Washington, D.C. Crypto assassinates President Huffman and kills the U.S. Congress. He then destroys tesla coils across the city. Finally, he destroys Roboprez and kills Silhouette. The zone is set during the late afternoon. This is one of the biggest and most populated areas in Destroy All Humans!, and therefore Crypto's wanted Level can shoot up rapidly in as little as 30 seconds. The newspaper for this city is "The Capitol Post".

When hunted while in the Saucer, civilians almost completely disappear.

Locations & LandmarksEdit

Capital Building - The place where Crypto assassinates President Huffman, disintegrated many senators, & met Silhouette and Robo-Prez.

Washington Monument - The tallest building in the game, breaks up into two if destroyed or gets knocked down.

The Jefferson Memorial - A location where Crypto fights Robo-Prez, Pox mistakes it for the "Coolidge Memorial" or the "Rutherford B. Hayes Monument".

Lincoln Memorial - A location where Crypto fights Robo-Prez.

The White House - The home of President Huffman, The final resting place of Robo-Prez.

The Octagon - The unfinished Military base, the battle between Crypto & Silhouette - based on the Pentagon.


There are some glitches in Capitol City. One of these Glitches are when you can fall though the ground and into water. In the last mission in Capitol city, people on the bridge can go through the edge and fall.


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