Cars are a type of human transport vehicle. Certain types of humans drive different cars.
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Cryptosporidium-137 using his powers on a police car

Types of VehiclesEdit

  • Civilian Vehicles: Driven by regular civilians in the city. In all DAH games except the first one, if Crypto picks up their car they will jump out of the car and flee in terror. They will run over Crypto if he is in front of their car. After running over him, they will get out of the vehicle and flee in terror.
  • Army Transport: Driven by Soldiers, they usually carry 3-6 Soldiers, depending on what Alert Level the player is.
  • Tanks: Tanks usually come at the 3rd Alert Level, they are a type of Army vehicle that is very hard to destroy.
  • Majestic Cars: Majestic cars are very hard to take out, requiring 3 Ion Detonators in the first game.
  • KGB Cars: KGB cars are similar in design to Majestic cars, but they are much easier to take out, usually having the same amount as a civilian vehicle.
  • Public Transport: Taxis are seen in both DAH and DAH 2. In the first game, they are yellow and only appear in Capitol City. In the second game, they are black and appear in Albion. Buses are another type of public transportation, only available in the second game in Albion. These are the largest human vehicles in game and despite their massive size, are quite easy to destroy.
  • Police Cars: Police cars are cars driven by law enforcement. Usually, 2 officers will be riding in the front seat. They have sirens on top of their roof and are very fast. Almost as fast as Majestic cars in the 1st game.

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