Coyote Bongwater.

"That's it for today. Remember, where ever you go, I'll be there, the shine in your Japan, the sparkle in your China."
―-Bongwater at his meditation.[src]

Coyote Bongwater was a hippie guru who formed an alliance with the KGB to distribute Revelade to the citizens of Bay City. Although Bongwater wanted to spark a righteous rebellion, the KGB used him as a pawn in their own plans to destroy the city. Going after the KGB, Crypto tracked Bongwater down and fought him in a tunnel under the Colt Bridge. Before he died, Ivan Oranchov revealed his true plans to destroy Bay City to Bongwater via radio and caused him despair.

During that fight, Bongwater used a crossbow that fired Revelade Arrows that caused Crypto to turn "psychedelic" and go into an acid induced trance.

Appearance(s): Destroy all Humans! 2
Full name: Unknown
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Bay City
Home: Hashbury
Nationality: American
Main affiliation:

KGB, Hippie


  • Coyote Bongwater was voiced by Richard Tatum.
  • Bongwater was mentioned in Path of the Furon, when Crypto compared him with the scientist from Chateau Crusteau in Belleville.
  • Crypto went to Bongwater's House in a mission. It was one of the few enterable buildings in Destroy all Humans! 2, although it was accessible during that mission only.
  • Shama Llama and Coyote Bongwater were the same 3D Model but with different colors. Shama Llama had a Peace Sign on his head and blue and red glasses.
  • Bongwater's meditation chant: "I'll be there, the shine of your Japan, the sparkle of your China" was a reference to the Song "Bodhisattva", by Steely Dan.

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