They are a group of people that appear in Turnipseed Farm-rural crazy, Santa Modesta-suburban crazy, and Union Town- urban crazy. They appear to have more DNA, maybe because they really had experience or more knowledge with aliens, an again they are crazy.

Rural CrazyEdit

  • "Why does that lady have tentacles coming out of her ears, I wonder if she's an alien.... Helloooo!"
  • "Probe me again, Oh, Please God probe me again!"
    Nixon an alien, So is Huffman, So is Doris Day and John Wayne! Why am I the only one to seem to notice?"

A crazy farm lady, who appears in Turnipseed farm, in multiple areas, won't respawn in those areas once killed.

Suburban CrazyEdit

  • "Unruly hair, pocket protector, still living with my mother, how could anybody say no!"
  • "Fools, all of you, me an my ex-communicator hat, will show all you pathetic drones of the invading alien horde!"
  • "Please! I'm scared of reality!(When picked up using PK)"

A crackpot scientist who appears in Santa Modesta, won't respawn once killed, appeared in the mission Foreign Correspondent, who helps Crypto in finding Bert Whither. This makes him the only crazy to feature in the main missions.

Urban CrazyEdit

  • "Repent, The End is Nigh! What does Nigh mean anyway?"
  • "One hundred bottles of bear on the wall, one hundred bottles of bear..."
  • "That trashcan is speaking to me... an all the little birdies too!"

An alcoholic, crazy hobo who appears in Union Town, and the only crazy that walks around and respawns.

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