PK - This abilitiy is where you can pick up people, cars, objects with your mind and push them far away. in Path of the Furon you can shoot them with PK and use Jet Pack.

Scan - Scan is where you can read minds and fill your pk mind in DAH!. in big willy unleashed you cant read minds. DAH! 2 and PotF you need to body snatch a human.

Body Snatch - Body snatch is where you go inside a humans body. But only for a short time and if they know your the alien you must use free love,

Hypno Blast

Extract - Crypto uses his psychic powers to forcefully remove his victim's brain from their skull.

Mind Flash

Hypnotize - Crypto manipulates the minds of his victim, having them cause a distraction or go to sleep.


Awsome POTF screenshot 1170

Follow, and Protect

PK Magnet

Temperol Fist

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