Admiral Cyclosporiasis was a high-ranking admiral of the Furon Navy. He is featured in Destroy All Humans! 2.


Orthopox was the Furon fleet commander who Emperor Meningitis chose to lead the mission to collect pure Furon DNA from Earth. Admiral Cyclosporiasis, the admiral in charge of Pox's fleet, monitored Pox's mission to Earth and kept in touch with him so he could file reports from his Furon Mothership.

The Furon admiral is not seen in the game, but heard over a transmitter. While Pox and Cryptosporidium try to get a Mothership to pick them up from Earth, Pox gets into an annoying argument with a space traffic control attendant. After he hangs up, the call is taken by the admiral. He is thrilled that Pox and Crypto have collected their assigned mission of pure Furon DNA and tells Pox that he will prepare a transport to pick them up. Pox regrettably states that when his Mothership was blown up, all the DNA he collected was also destroyed. The admiral becomes angered by this and tells Pox that maybe he should get another fleet commander to acquire the DNA and not send assistance. Pox protests against his consideration to leave him to rot on Earth. The admiral tells Pox to not try and influence his decision. At the end of the call, Cyclosporiasis mentions that he will send a Mothership to retrieve Pox when he gets the chance and then hangs up. Pox fails to hear this, and believes that he and Crypto will be stranded.

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