This virus was in development in Francodyne laborotories after a few experiments with the human genome. Its sole purpose is to remove the Furon D.N.A from the human genome, rendering humans even more useless to the Furons. Without a scource of pure Furon D.N.A, their empire would crumble overnight, and make the Furons extinct from the universe. This would leave Cryptosporidium-139 out of a job. Its compisition is unknown, but it is known that its main component is the chemical found only in renisance paintings within the pigments. Without it, Francodyne would have no choice to synthesize the exact chemical, which would cost major amounts of time after our destructive friend had punched a gaping hole in Francodyne's finances. Luckily, Crypto destroyed the virus before the nexo walkers could get to the river and infect it with the virus.

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