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Destroy All Humans! is the first video game in the Destroy All Humans! series. It is developed by Pandemic Games, published by THQ, and was released on June 21, 2005 in North America for the Xbox and the PlayStation 2.

Destroy all Humans!
Destroy all humans cover

Pandemic Studios




Destroy all Humans!

Release date(s)

June 21, 2005



Crypto lands on Earth in the summer months of 1958, with the intent of collecting Furon DNA locked away in the human brain to save his dying race. Although as the game progresses, he eventually plans domination over the world (which he thinks is just America, not realizing there are other human civilizations besides the US). After defeating the enemy group The Majestic and its leader Silhouette, killing President Huffman and assuming his identity, Crypto masquerades as the US president and persuades the public that America has not been attacked by aliens, but instead communists. He also tells them the lie that the communists have poisoned the water supply and used mind-control through media on them, and has left their brains with dangerous toxins. He informs them that testing facilities have been set up everywhere in America to correct this issue. However, this is just a disguise to lead unknowing citizens to have their brain extracted so Crypto can collect the Furon DNA. The game ends with people standing outside one of the testing facilities, a teenage boy and girl yell at a skeptical old man to enter the chamber because they want to go next, a mind-controlled soldier orders him to enter. He reluctantly enters and dies.





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