This is a walkthrough for the game Destroy All Humans!


This section will tell you about the characters in this game.

Cryptosporidium 136 and 137- Crypto is a footsoldier for the Furon Empire. He is the only playable character in this game and has an arsenal of immensely powerful weaponry.

Orthopox 13- Crypto's fleet commander. He mainly presents you with upgrades, missions, and weapons.

Silhouette- The leader of Majestic, an organization that hunts aliens. Not much is known about Silhouette.

General Armquist- General Armquist is a general in the US Army that will stop at nothing to destroy Crypto and the Furons.

President Huffman- The president of the US. He hates both communists and aliens equally.


Zap-o-Matic- Shoots volts of electricity at humans. It has no ammo, but the battery must be recharged.

Anal Probe- Probe humans to make their brains pop out. Makes extracting less time consuming.

Disintegrator Ray- Shoots molten balls of energy/plasma that vaporize humans and turn into neat piles of ash and dust.

Ion Detonator- the Furon equivalent of a grenade launcher. It ionizes everything in its path. It can be detonated manually or will explode in ten seconds.

Psychokinesis- Lift objects, humans, or animals and throw them around by using psychokinesis.

Death Ray- A laser beam that fries humans and destroys buildings.

Sonic Boom- Shoots sonic orbs that make vehicles or humans fly through the air. Destroys buildings equally well.

Quantum Deconstructor- The saucer's most powerful weapon. Shoots a nuclear blast that obliterates entire city blocks.

Abducto Beam- Fling objects and humans through the air.


Mission 1- Destination Earth!Edit

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