Alert Levels are as Follows in Destroy All Humans 2!


Cops Will Walk Around the Street in the first Three Cities but in Tunguska and Solaris will not be around as the Military will Come at you at Every Level,in the first three cities the cops only use Pistols and will Rarely come in Cop cars


Cops will Still Be Partolling the Streets but In Albion and Bay City Use Rifles at This Level in Takoshima they will use Machine Guns as well


In The First Three Levels The Army Will Begin Coming after you with 3 Men Per Truck and no Tanks


Tanks and 5 Men Per truck will Come also with some heavier weapons and Bazukas


A Red Alert has been Declared Now Men will Patrol The Streets for you as well as 6 men per truck sometimes,also more tanks will come and some tanks now missiles that can cause a lot of damage. All Hell Breaks Lose and you are most likely to die at this level if your on foot. In Tunguska the KGB will come after you in the KGB's black cars.

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