The police comes after Crypto. They appear in low numbers, starting with one police car. Then two police cars and if Crypto takes them out and is still at alert level green then three will show up. Police officers try to kill Crypto with their pistols.


The police calls in backup. Now more police cars will come after the player, starting with two and it can go up to four police cars responding at a time. The passenger of the police car will be carrying a shotgun in Bay City/Albion or a automatic weapon in Takoshima and eventually if the player isn't stopped after the first amount of cops then all police officers in police cars will be carrying a shotgun or automatic weapon.


The police won't show up anymore, except for the cops on foot. Instead, the army shows up in armored vehicles. At first an armored vehicle will be occupied by only two soldiers but that number will increase up to six soldiers. There first will be two armored transport showing up and later on three at a time. All soldiers carry assault rifles except for the driver, who is the leader of the group, who will carry a pistol. After a few waves one of the soldiers in the back of the vehicle will be carrying a rocket launcher.


The army increases their efforts to stop Crypto. The armored vehicles keep coming, but at this level, tanks will also join. The tanks will use their cannons to shoot at Crypto or his saucer and in Takoshima there are also tanks with a satellite dish on top of it which fires a laser.


The highest alert level. At this level there is army everywhere. Now the military will also have foot soldiers patrolling the streets and sometimes a large group with a sergeant and a rocket launcher soldier can be encountered; More armored vehicles and tanks show up. If the player is in his saucer, the army now will send in tanks with anti air rocket pods installed on top of it.

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