The Disintegrator Ray (also called the Destructo-Ray in the first test version of the game) is the third weapon Cryptosporidium receives in Destroy All Humans! It rapidly fires molten balls of energy (that resemble lava and fire). It only takes a few bursts of the Disintegrator to turn a human into a pile of ashes. One of the most versatile weapons in the series, capable of dealing good damage to enemies, vehicles and bosses alike, the Disintegrator Ray is also one of the most prominent weapons in the series, appearing in the box art for all the games.

It is also notable that on Destroy All Humans! 2 the grip on the bottom of the gun greatly resembles an M203 grenade launcher.

When the gun is first unlocked during the mission 'Alien Pool Party' Orthopox-13 incorrectly refers to it as the Destructo-Ray. This was the name for the gun earlier in development.

Destroy All Humans! Edit

The Disintegrator Ray is introduced in the first mission of Santa Modesta after you crash the Mayor's pool party. Pox gives it to you for use against the onslaught of Santa Modesta Police. It starts out with a semi-automatic rate of fire and 100 rounds. The fully-upgraded Disintegrator has 150 rounds, automatic fire, and triple-shot. Note that the rate of fire decreases slightly when 3 shot is bought. Crypto uses it to finish off Armquist at the end of "Armquist vs the Furons".

Destroy All Humans! Path of the FuronEdit

In the first game, the effect will show a human becoming a skeleton then turning to ash. The new version shows the victims' leftovers of their charred skin, clothing, and shows some bones like the ribs, skull, pelvis, maybe a part of the face, hair, arm/leg bones, and then turn to ash. Although since the game came out unfinished, especially the Xbox 360, the charred flesh and skin look like bones that went the wrong way.



What it does to a human

Desetagrator ray

Crypto "demonstrating" the new Disintegrator Ray.

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