Dodecalypse was a Furon God, who represented Evil. He was mentioned and spoken of in Destroy All Humans! 2.

The ProphecyEdit

Dodecalypse was mentioned in The Prophecy: "As the Sacred Lord purged the mighty inferno of Dodecalypse, his body began to disintegrate. The Evil has been vanquished. Thus, my life's purpose is complete. And in this great deed that brought life and happiness to the Furons, The Lord of the Sacred Crotch sunk low through space to the oasis of Earth, to sink into the fertile soul of its land..."


""That bastard's been screwing with me since day one."
―-Arkvoodle complaining about Dodecalpse[src]

In Destroy All Humans! 2, Arkvoodle spoke of the evil of Dodecalypse.


Seemingly, Arkvoodle personified what Furons considered good, while Dodecalypse personified what Furons considered evil in a Dualistic pantheon, which meant they were essentially deities who were of roughly equal power, and were evenly matched. Popular opinion had it that Arkvoodle was meant as an allegory to the Christian Deity, and Dodecalypse was meant as an allegory to Lucifer, the chief fallen angel (otherwise known as The Devil) from Christianity.

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