Furon is the homeworld of the species of the same name and heart of the Furon Empire.


The Furon's planet of Furon orbits around Proxima Centauri. The planet has at least four rings around it, with at least one being habitable. At least one moon has been mentioned as it serves as a Furon prison.


Furon has a low gravity and it's said to be arid, explaining the development of jetpacks and how Furon technology shorts out when in water.

It can also be assumed that Furon has air similar to Earth's, seen when Cryptosporidium is able to breathe air during his time on the planet, but must wear an airtight helmet while on Earth's moon. Whilst still habitable to Humans, a human would die stranded on the world away from water. It is also unknown what the planet looks like from space.

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