The Furon DNA mission on Earth was an high-priority, military-based expedition during the Furon DNA Crisis to recover uncorrupt Furon DNA from Humans into operation in order to save the Furons from cloning themselves into extinction.


Shortly after the Martian War, the lack of genitalia became a concern for the Furon Government. After developing cloning technology, primary tests proved successful, and each Furon was added into the DNA Banks. Unfortunately, the mutated DNA always had a new mutation when a new clone was created, which made the future results unpredictable.

Tasked with finding a solution, Orthopox, former palace employee and revered military hero, who was confined to a Cerebro Chair, discovered the fact that, just after the Martian War, soldier drones on shore leave landed on a planet called Earth and mated with the dominate species. After months of crunching the numbers, Orthopox realized that this species, known as Humans, would still have retained the Furon DNA in their bodies. Needing to test these theories, Orthopox prepared for the expedition. After he went before the Furon War Council and presented his research, Pox was granted a Furon Mothership that was full of various equipment and weaponry, a worker drone, and a soldier drone to command. After he selected Crypto as his soldier drone and Gastro as his worker drone, Pox set off toward the Sol System.

After they went into orbit around Mars, Orthopox sent Crypto 136 to survey an area, but 136 was shot down with a missile by accident, and was captured by the US Government. After the minor setback, Orthopox cloned Crypto 137, and proceeded to Earth in order to forward the mission. Having far better luck with 137 in the field helping him gather what he needed, Orthopox was able to successfully cripple the American Military, and placed Crypto 137 in the White House. During early research, 137 was killed while on the planet surface. After he successfully cloned Crypto 138 with stable DNA and genitalia, Orthopox's theories were proven conclusive, and he and Crypto 138 proceed to collect as much Furon DNA as possible, in order to send back to Furon.

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