The Furon Jetpack was the main form of speed and flight for Furons who came across a high gravity planet. The Jetpack allowed a Furon to move at great speeds and provided faster mobility, the ability to jump to great heights, and made the Furon virtually invincible until the Furon landed when the power ran out. In 1959, the Jetpack was used by Crypto 137 to jump over obstacles and avoid enemies. However, it did not have enough power to get to higher buildings or provide a soft landing. In its further development in 1969, the Jetpack allowed Crypto 138 to jump and glide for long periods of time, which depended on how high the take off point was. In 1975, during Orthopox's business scheme known as Big Willy's, the Jetpack (thanks to an unlockable) allowed Crypto to obtain fully fledged flight without the pack shutting down. In 1979, the new Jetpack, unlike its predecessors, had greater maneuverability and thrust which allowed Crypto 139 easier control over it despite what he liked. Crypto basically preferred the silly sounds like cartoons over performance and quality.

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