Gastroenteritis 999, or simply Gastro, was the Furon janitor aboard the Mothership, who was killed in 1969 when the Soviets sent a missile at the Mothership.


While still aliveEdit

Gastroenteritis was a pretty lowly Furon, serving as a janitor and cook aboard the Mothership. Relatively little is known about Gastro, aside from the fact he's very cocky and that he possessed a large music collection that had "soul"; e.g. he had music by Blind Willy Syphilis.

As a WeaponEdit

Gastro's armed Holopox unit is deployed with the Gastro Gun. Gastro automatically fires on any enemy within the vicinity, with his rapid fire blasters or after being upgraded, his explosive charge. After an unspecified amount of time, Gastro deactivates by retreating into his Holopox unit and then detonating

Crypto with Gastro Gun.

himself; this is similar to the Ion Detonator's explosion. After being upgraded, Gastro will follow Crypto around.


Go Go Gastro!: Gastro can Hover Around

Cost: 9 Furotech cells

Anti-Everything Launcher:

Cost: 14 Furotech cells

Gastro's Crustacean Smasher:

Cost: 28 Furotech cells

Gastro Reflux:

Cost: 6 Furotech cells

Gastro Enteritis:

Cost: 13 Furotech cells

Gastro Alloy Armor:

Cost: 4 Furotech cells

Gastro Nanotech Armor:

Cost: 5 Furotech cells

Gastro Plasma Shielding: Gastro has Maximum Holopod Armor

Cost: 7 Furotech cells

In the storyEdit

Voiced by Phil Morris.

Gastroenteritis came to Earth with Orthopox 13 and Cryptosporidium 137. In 1969, he was killed when the K.G.B destroyed the Mothership, so he downloaded his consciousness into a HoloPox unit, much like Orthopox-13, albeit with weapons. Later in Takoshima, he is found as a weapon. Despite being an important background character in Destroy All Humans! 2, Gastro did not appear in Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed or Destroy All Humans! 3 Path of the Furon. This may be due to Gastro's overall conception as a weapon.


  • Despite only being a janitor and cook he was cloned more than Cryptosporidium before becoming a weapon.
  • It is unknown what happened to Gastro after the extinction of the Blisk. It can be presumed, he was put into stasis by Pox, and forgotten.
  • Gastro is one of the only weapons, other than the Zap-O-Matic, that is effective at doing sufficient damage to the Blisk.

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