So many glitches Edit

destroy all humans path of the furon is the most glitchy game out of them all so here are some glitches.

the game freezes a lot

you can get stuck in the ground

if you're stuck in the ground the camera goes very close to crypto, if you hold down the fire button and escape by pressing the jump button repeatedly it will resemble a first person view. to go back to 3rd person release the trigger

if you bodysnatch someone ontop of a roof and walk off you will float to the ground at an angle

You can actually cortex scan and give disco fever at the same time. Just hold down A+X or square + triangle

you can get eaten by the Venus human trap by body snatching someone while being eaten

when the black hole fun is fired people have a tendency to just float In place.

You can sometimes fire the zap-o-magic while time is stopped. I am not sure how to do this, it's random

if you run out of jetpack feul near a building sometimes you will be able to stick to if by pushing foward on the leftstick, this allows feul to recharge and you to get ontop.

if you change weapons in the saucer while landing the saucer will keep them equipped while at the landing zone, in addition to saucer weapons sometimes the weapon skins can be mixed up and you can have the death ray and plasma cannons both equipped (only one is equipped but the skin/mode of the other is out)

If you hold down the trigger with the ion detonator and switch weapons at the same time but tapping LB/L1 you can keep the ion detonators charge active

sometimes the dislocator refused to fire

That's all I can think of on the spot. be sure to follow my Twitter account - '@DAHfans' and my YouTube channel 'tomzgames'

do you know of any glitches? If so please list them below. Edit

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