Destroy All Humans! Glitches: Edit

  • Zap Release: While this trick's closer to an exploit than a glitch, this trick allows you to do maximum damage with the Zap-O-Matic. when firing at a target, releasing the fire button can do extra damage. This is used as a way of finishing off weakened targets, so releasing every few seconds while firing at a target can do the most damage.

Destroy All Humans! 2 Glitches: Edit

  • Crosshair Exploit: With any weapon in the saucer, aim at a car, tank, or anything that can be picked up with the Abducto-Beam. Quickly pressing (L1/LB) and (Triangle/Y) together can trick the game into thinking that your Abducto-Beam is aiming where your weapon crosshair is, allowing you to abduct things at long range, or fling objects behind you.
  • Ion-Dashing: After getting the Ion-Detonator weapon, drop a bomb anywhere, and take off with your Jetpack after jumping over the bomb, detonating the bomb behind you soon after. With good timing, Crypto will be given the recoil of the bomb, but not be put in the stun that makes you drop to the ground, pushing Crypto to make him fly faster than usual, cover ground much faster, and be essential for Speed-runners.

Destroy All Humans! PotF Glitches: Edit

  • Jetpack Reset: Nearly all walls, usually buildings, can be used to recharge your Jetpack, allowing for Crypto to reach greater heights. Simply fly into any wall and experiment with your angles, all the while pushing yourself at the wall you want to reset off of. Having the right angles will slow Crypto's descent drastically, and since the Jetpack slowly recharges when in the air and not in use, you can recharge your Jetpack without having to touch the ground!
  • Disintegrator Exploit: For some strange reason, possibly as a debug trick, shooting a blast from the Disintegrator Ray, stopping time, and Temporal-Fisting the shot multiplies the damage exponentially! Allowing the later bosses in the game, and other tough enemies, to be beaten in seconds!


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