President Huffman...or is it?

"As long as I live I'll never forget the look on that alien's face... squeal Crypto 136, squeal like a pig! And he did damnit! Good times!"
President Huffman[src]

President Huffman is the President of the United States in Destroy All Humans!.


When Cryptosporidium 137 arrives on Earth, Huffman has won the election against Nixon. (historically, John F. Kennedy won this election) Most of the Americans in Santa Modesta see him as sleazy and crooked (except for some women). The Military (particularly Armquist) dislike him because he always sucks up to Silhouette and Majestic.

After Armquist's death in Union Town, Huffman makes a public speech in front of the Capitol Building, where he is assassinated by Crypto. If Crypto fails to assassinate him within the time limit, the papers will call President Huffman loco because of his "confused speech". His brain was later used to build Robo-Prez, a giant controlled by Silhouette. It was destroyed by Crypto's Saucer.

Crypto later uses Huffman's body to masquerade as President, yet for some reason many people still recognize him as the President even when not in disguise.


If brain scanned, Huffman is seen as somewhat sadistic, having witnessed the murder of Cryptosporidium 136, he comments it was good to see the look on his face and listen to him squeal 'like a pig'.

Even if his body is disintegrated or his brain is extracted by Crypto, Silhouette is still able to retrieve his brain.

He has a wife named Doris and a son named Billy.


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