The brand name of cheap imitation Furon D.N.A which was discovered in a crashed Furon saucer at the bottom of the ocean by Henri Crousteau in 1971.

This D.N.A which Henri claimed that its chemical composition was mostly peanut butter, it was derived from the actual genetic source, in that effect after Cryptosporidium-139 defeated him, ordinarly the Nexos would've ripped Henri limb from limb, but all these years Henri fed the Nexos the synthetic D.N.A which seemed to be just as effective as the original. It was kept secret for 20 years by Emperor Meningitis to keep the Furons happy. When Crypto tasted the D.N.A it caused extreme nausea and made him puke out some of his internal fluids.

Trivia Edit

The brand name came from the imitation butter substitute I Cant Believe it's Not Butter! which was developed in 1986, 7 years after Path Of The Furon is set.

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