Ion Detonator

The Ion Detonator in Destroy All Humans!

The Ion Detonator was one of Crypto's Weapons, and was also the main weapon of Blastomycosis. It was incredibly powerful, and was capable of destroying multiple Humans and vehicles.

In the Story Edit

The Ion Detonator was unlocked halfway through Destroy All Humans!. Orthopox gave Crypto the Ion Detonator in Santa Modesta in order to cause destruction and raise the Alert Level. In Destroy All Humans! 2, the Ion Detonator was unlocked by a Datacore by the White Ninjas at the Zen Temple after Crypto saved them from the Black Ninjas.

In Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed, Blasto acquired an Ion Detonator from Natalya, his mother. While it was implied that the Ion Detonator looked like the one that Crypto used in Destroy All Humans! 2, its look was the same as the one that Crypto used in Big Willy Unleashed.

Description and EffectsEdit

The Ion Detonator launched a plasmatic Ion Bomb, which either exploded within approximately ten seconds or was detonated remotely at will. Like the Disintegrator Ray, the Ion Detonator disintegrated a human's body, which left no corpse to extract DNA from. That was changed in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon where all weapons still produced DNA. Also in Path of the Furon, the Ion Detonator stuck to objects and even humans. It also was the only weapon that functioned in Temporal fist. The Ion Detonator's upgrades allowed it to carry more ammo or produced a stronger blast. In Big Willy Unleashed, the Ion Detonator was given a different look, but its basic function was the same.

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An Ion Bomb detonating on a truck in Rockwell.

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