Ion Detonator
The Ion Detonator is part of Crypto's arsenal, and is also the main weapon of Blastomycosis. It is incredibly powerful, being capable of destroying multiple humans and vehicles.

Description and EffectsEdit

This in-genius weapon launches a plasmatic Ion Bomb, which will either explode within approximately ten seconds or be detonated remotely at will. Like the Disintegrator, it disintegrates a human's body, leaving no corpse to extract DNA from. This is changed in Path of the Furon where all weapons can still produce DNA. Also in Path of the Furon, the Ion Detonator can stick to objects and even people, it also is the only weapon that can be functioned in Time Stop. Its upgrades allow it carry more ammo or produce a stronger blast. In Big Willy Unleashed, it's given a different look, but its basic function is the same.

In the StoryEdit

The Ion Detonator is usually unlocked halfway through the game. Pox gives Crypto the weapon in order to destroy cars in Santa Modesta. In the second game, it's unlocked by being given a Datacore by the White Ninja in the Zen Temple after saving them.

Blasto acquires one from Natalya, his mother. While it's implied that the Ion Detonator looks like the one Crypto used in DAH! 2, its look is the same as the one Crypto uses in BWU.



Ion detonating

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