Kojira, before...


...and after

"Ol' Kojira was stompin' around, Takoshima City like a big playground...


―Cryptosporidium 138

Kojira Kaiju is a Takoshimese schoolgirl, summer intern at the KGB Volcano base, and former giant radioactive lizard, appearing only in Destroy All Humans! 2.

In the gameEdit

Sixteen-year old Kojira was recruited at an unknown time by the KGB in Takoshima. She was selected to be exposed to special Blisk Spores which would normally create a Blisk Mutant. The results were a gigantic lizard-like creature bent on destruction. The transformation process was quite painful, and she was in constant pain during her time as a monster, practically begging for death. She was released onto Takoshima's shore where she started her rampage, making her way past the military base and into Takoshima City. The military proved useless and she had to be taken down by Cryptosporidium 138. Following her defeat, she returned to her normal form as the shell of the monster disintegrated. The Furon was then ordered by Natalya Ivanova to at least give the girl money for therapy, likely due to the large amount of trauma she suffered.


Thanks to being a new kind of Blisk Mutation, Kojira wields several attacks. She can breathe out radioactive gas and also fires red beams from her eyes. One strange power is the ability to shoot out the green Blisk missiles on her back and have them attack a single target, which are very hard to avoid. Due to her large size and weight, she can crush any buildings using her tail or her stomping attacks. One curious ability she has is the power to regain health after destroying buildings, which is believed to be excitement.

Trivia Edit

  • Kojira is the female homage to the titular monster of the 1954 classic Godzilla and has the similar abilities as the irradiated monster. Ironically, Kojira's design borrows heavily from the American Godzilla, simply called Zilla. Also, the Japanese name for Godzilla is Gojira.
  • There was another homage of its counterpart known as Mohgra, an obvious homage to Mothra, a recurring kaiju in the Godzilla movies.
  • Kojiras run is identical to Zilla's (mentioned above).
  • After the mission there is a side mission where Crypto must dispose of Mohgra eggs. But if they get damaged the player will hear a loud roar, the screen will shake and a newspaper clipping appears, saying that Mohgra destroyed Takoshima city.
  • There is a brief mention of a giant lizard off the coast of Japan after you beat the final level in Destroy All Humans! It is seen at the bottom of the newspaper that flashes at the end of the game. It is unknown if this is Kojira, but is suspected.
  • When Crypto says "Ol Kojira was stompin' around, Takoshima City like a big playground.", it is a homage to the Lemon Demon song 'The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny'.


Kojira 1

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