"It's only logical. My organization has the skills, the specialists. But up to now, we've been a federal agency operating on a limited scale... This new threat, however, demands a radical new concept of national defense."
Silhouette to Armquist[src]
Majestic Agent (from DAH)

A Majestic agent by his black limousine.

Majestic was a secretive federal agency that sought world domination through government manipulation and control, hiding this aim by protecting the public from alien threats. Beginning in the United States under the leadership of the mysterious Silhouette, adviser of the U.S. President, the organization expanded widely across the world, stationed in various regions including Great Britain, France, Argentina and Mongolia. The head of the British branch of Majestic, known as Majestic Command 16th Sector or M16 (posing under the name MI6), was Reginald Ponsonby-Smythe.

Agents and OperationsEdit

Majestic Agents are always wearing a dark suit, though there's a bit of variation for each nation. The American Division wear fedoras while the MI6 wear sunglasses. Each agent is equipped with one armament; the Americans have blue blaster guns and a green, shotgun-like rifle, reverse-engineered from Furon technology. The British don't have these advances, having only small, yet powerful guns and assault rifles. Oddly enough, leaving Majestic appears to be a viable choice and appears to be easy, at least according to one hippie.

Each Majestic Division is very close to the central government and the military of their country. From what has been seen, they appear very anti-communist and some appear to be atheists. Due to a combination of keeping the secret of intelligent extra terrestrial life and a desire for world domination, they are more than willing to manipulate or assassinate political leaders.

Destroy All Humans!Edit

Not much is known about Majestic, as they are a very secretive organization. All that is known about them is that they seek to destroy Furons with anti-alien super weapons and dominate the world. How many members there were is also unknown.

In Destroy All Humans! Majestic was in control of the United States Government, using President Huffman as a puppet in their plans. Under Silhouette's leadership, they do all they can to take complete control of America and eventually the world. When Cryptosporidium 136 arrives on Earth, Silhouette takes him in for experimentation, killing him in the process.

Turnipseed FarmEdit

When Crypto destroys the military infantry unit in Turnipseed Farm at the beginning of the game, two Majestic agents arrive at the scene. One of them tells the other to alert Silhouette and that "Roswell was only the beginning. The invasion is on!".

Santa ModestaEdit

Crypto and Pox are first aware of the Majestic in Santa Modesta, where they overhear the agents from the farm talking about using T.V. to brainwash the United States. Crypto kills them before they get to the station and collects the briefcase, which contains information about controlling American minds using television. Sleepy Ernst is waiting at the T.V. station for the orders. Crypto scans him and finds out that Sleepy Ernst is going to make Americans his experimental guinea pigs.

Pox orders Crypto to kill Sleepy Ernst and destroy his car. Pox also orders Crypto to bend T.V. antennas in the direction of the Mothership to receive his own mind control signal. Crypto succeeds in doing this, but the signal is too strong for human minds, and, one by one, humans are running amok, their heads exploding. Pox then orders Crypto to collect the 12 overloaded brain stems and 300 DNA from living humans for scientific purposes. Crypto's next mission is to scan four scientists to retrieve information about adding chemicals to restaurant food to make humans hostile to anyone who's different. Pox won't stand for this and commands Crypto to destroy the Majestic operated diners. Having heard of the atrocity, the Majestic sent a military patrol and a Majestic convoy to stop Crypto. After Crypto destroys the threat, he lands his saucer, captures a Majestic agent, and proceeds to interrogate him.


After some interrogation and the "Jumbo Probe", the agent reveals that Majestic is trying to brainwash citizens of Rockwell at the drive-in movie theater. It is unsure what happens to the agent before Crypto leaves for Rockwell, although it can be possible Crypto extracted his brain. Crypto overhears a Majesic agent talking to Silhouette, the head of Majestic. Pox suggests that instead of taking them out, Crypto should retrieve a filmstrip he prepared for the theater. Crypto then replaces the Majestic filmstrip with Pox's. Not long after, Majestic agents try to destroy the projector, but fail in doing so.

Return to Santa ModestaEdit

Crypto then returns to Santa Modesta and destroys $20,000 worth of Majestic property. Shortly after he destroys their motel base. After that, Crypto is assigned to capture Bert Wither, who has a large influence on Americans. After he is captured, he broadcasts a message from the T.V. station across the nation revealing Majestic's existence and stating that the Furons want to "defend all humans". During this broadcast, Pox and Crypto become aware of Armquist, General of the U.S. Army. He will stop at nothing to stop the broadcast. He is unsuccessful, and goes to Area 42.

Area 42Edit

Crypto and Pox also go to Area 42 to rescue Crypto 136, but find out he's dead. Furious, Crypto destroys any remains of him, and is even more determined to destroy the humans. Later, Crypto learns that scientists have created PSI Mutants due to a dash of Furon DNA. Crypto destroys these mutants, destroys the tesla coils, and destroys the Majestic base. For his final mission at Area 42, Crypto needs to destroy the entire airfield using an atomic bomb in an attempt to assassinate Armquist. To do this, he hypnotizes the driver, who drives the truck away from the test site and into the airfield. Crypto has to prevent the bomb from being disarmed for 30 seconds and has 60 seconds to get out of the blast radius.

Union TownEdit

Infuriated by the destruction of the airfield, Silhouette orders Armquist to go to Capitol City. Armquist is resistant, but due to Silhouette's higher authority, he goes to Capitol City, and Crypto follows close behind in his saucer. After testing the Quantum Deconstructor in Santa Modesta, he goes to Union Town, were he is unexpectedly taken down by a tesla coil and is imprisoned in a cage. He escapes, finds his gun and jetpack, finds the missing power cells needed to power the saucer, and destroys the island base.

Afterwards, he goes to Capitol City and overhears Armquist and Silhouette discussing the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Majestic being united under one branch of government. Armquist refuses, but he has no choice. He goes to Union Town to rendezvous with the other generals. Then, Crypto disguises himself as the Navy Admiral while putting the real one to sleep. He then infiltrates the meeting and goes against everything Armquist says and causes the other generals to leave. Crypto then reveals himself to Armquist, who runs away to his robot suit. In the end, Crypto destroys his robot suit and disintegrates him altogether.

Capitol CityEdit

Crypto then goes to Capitol City, where he assassinates President Huffman  and kills the U.S. Congress afterwards. After that he destroys various tesla coils across the city which threatens their main invasion force. Then Silhouette apparently attempts to surrender Earth to Crypto, in reality planning to destroy him once and for all. Silhouette then mentions Crypto 136's death, which angers Crypto. After a brief struggle, "he" is actually revealed to be a "she", and she reveals Robo-Prez, a 50-foot tall robot with President Huffman's brain inside. Crypto destroys him with his saucer, then meets Silhouette at the Octagon and defeats her. Before she dies, she reveals that Majestic is all over the world and that America isn't the only country with humans.

Destroy All Humans! 2Edit

By 1969, only the British division of Majestic, MI6, was still active. All previous divisions had been destroyed by the Blisk. The MI6 first present themselves as allies to the Furons and against the KGB, until Ponsonby betrays and captures Crypto in order to interrogate him. Natalya frees Crypto, who then heads to deal the last blow to the Majestic by killing Posonby in a battle on Hyde Park.


  • There is a real-life version of Majestic-12, and was in charge of monitoring UFO activities from 1947-1999. And MI6 seems to be based on the United Kingdom's Secret Service.
  • According to the mission South by Southwest in Destroy All Humans!, an agent costs the American Majestic division $450, while a car costs $4000.

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