The Red Planet Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and was the home planet of the Blisk race. The Furon and the Blisk began a war against each other. Originally an aquatic world, the Furon Empire had launched a war of aggression against the Blisk by drying up Mar's oceans through nuclear, biological and chemical weaponry, which also served to decimate the Martian population. The Martian War proved to change the course of the Furons, as heavy weaponry cost the Furons their reproductive abilities; thus having to resort to cloning to continue life. Although the Furon Empire was satisfied Mars was made lifeless, its contentment would prove to have blow back as the Blisk survived and planned the downfall of the Furons by eradicating the human race thus starving the Furons of pure Furon DNA. The Blisk, acting through their base on Solaris, would attempt to terraform Earth. Already an ocean planet like the original Mars, the Blisk plan was to further innundate Earth's continents with sea level rise, then irradiate the oceans, killing many humans but making it very pleasant for the Blisk.

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