Martha turnipseed

Martha Turnipseed.

Martha Turnipseed lives in Turnipseed Farm. She is married to Harold Turnipseed. When she witnesses Crypto murder her husband, she panics and quickly calls the Police. Crypto then has to kill the Policemen and Martha's fate is decided by the player.

Trivia Edit


Martha talks to the Police

If left alive and cortex scanned you will find out the below:

  • Martha was the Homecoming Queen of her high school
  • She is sad that she was once a popular and beautiful teenager, and she gave it all up to marry her cousin.
  • Harold and Martha Turnipseed are cousins and have a incestuous relationship.
  • They have two daughters, one is usually by the well outside the Turnipseed house, and the other is selling produce by the main road. The second mentioned daughter is insane (probably due to her being inbred) and if killed, goes towards the tally of "Town Crazies" killed.


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