Main Mental Abilities Edit

PK - This Furon technique is Crypto's most known mental ability, allowing Crypto to pick up humans and objects. PK can be upgraded to lift heavier objects at the Gene Blender, or through meditation of the "Path of Space."

Cortex Scan - Used to read minds, this ability allows Crypto to find the locations of places to go, or gain new objectives when on missions. In Destroy all Humans, It could be used to refill your Concentration Bar, or keep Body snatched humans alive in Path of the Furon.

Body Snatch - Body snatch is an upgrade to the Holobob, used in all games after Destroy all Humans, allowing you to go inside humans when close enough. Body snatched humans act identically to Crypto in Holobob form, only with the human's health draining, rather than your Concentration Bar.

Extract - Crypto uses his psychic powers to forcefully remove his victim's brain from their skull, to collect DNA, or recharge your Mind Flash ability.

Transmogrify - Allows you to turn any object into ammo for most guns

Other Mental Abilities Edit

Holobob - In Destroy all Humans, this ability could be used to disguise as a human. fooling human forces, and going places the humans won't allow you to normally. Doing it out in the open is a bad, since a disguise is useless if your identity is found out! All games have a distraction based ability to do this out in the open however.

Hypno Blast - A Destroy all Humans only ability, in which Crypto manipulates the minds of his victim, having them cause a distraction through dancing, put humans to sleep, or command them to do a certain task on missions.

Free Love (DAH!2)/ Disco Fever (DAH!PotF)- A simplified form of Hypno Blast for just distraction, to force humans to dance to a certain song, spreading to all nearby humans.

Mind Flash - A Destroy all Humans! 2 only ability, stunning all Humans on Earth for a few moments, It allows you to retreat safely if necessary.

Follow, and Protect - a Destroy all Humans 2 only ability, used to command humans to follow you, or protect you if the humans are armed. Likely as a brief replacement for the command ability through Hypno Blast.

Time Stop - A Path of the Furon ability to, of course, stop time. It's an advanced mental ability, taught by The Master during the Path of enlightenment.

PK Magnet - A Path of the Furon only ability, used to PK multiple objects at once when using normal PK.

Temporal Fist - In Path of the Furon, this ability is used as a advanced PK Throw, used during Time Stop. Awsome POTF screenshot 1170