A meteor about to crash into a building thanks to the Meteor Strike


The destructive power of the Meteor Strike

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Present in Destroy all Humans! 2, this powerful weapon is the only weapon in the series to allow Crypto to destroy Buildings on foot. Although that weapon was extremely powerful, it only held a max of 5 pieces of ammo and required a targeting time, if Crypto were a little tooo close, it would instantly kill him. The Meteor Strike summoned a small meteor to Earth, which wiped out a certain number of Humans. At further upgrades, it summoned three meteors and a small planetoid. The Meteor Stirke was first discovered in Albion, after Natalya gave Crypto the location of its Datacore, like many other weapons in Destroy all Humans! 2, its effectivity against Blisk can be upgraded, as they are one of the main threats in that game, albeit with a certain Datacore.


  • Meteor Shower: 3 Meteors Per Strike
    • Meteor Storm: Small Planetoid Added to 3 Meteor Strike
      • Crustacean Orbital Targeting: Increase Meteor Effectiveness Against Blisk
  • Deep Impact Triangulation System: Decrease Meteor Targeting Time
    • Armageddon Targeting Sensors: Minimum Meteor Targeting Time
  • Meteor! Pack: Increase Meteor Attractor Capacity to 3
    • Worlds Collide Clip: Increase Meteor Attractor Capacity to 5


  • When Crypto fired the Meteor Strike, it was advised to leave the area, as it created a large explosion.
  • The Meteor Strike was useful to use on any boss after its discovery, as it caused a large amount of damage.
  • Its meteors came from the Martian Asteroid Belt as said in the description in the guide.
  • Despite it being suggested, you can skip picking up the Meteor Strike, it is completely optional.
  • The Meteor Strike's design lives on in the newer designs of the Disintegrator Ray.

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