Meteor Strike
is Crypto's most powerful on foot weapon in Destroy all Humans! 2.
Meteor Strike

Although the weapon is extremely powerful, it can only hold a max of 5 pieces of ammo and requires a targeting time.The Meteor Strike summons a small meteor to Earth, wiping out teams of humans at a time. At further levels, it summons three meteors and a small planetoid. This is the only weapon in the series that allows Crypto to destroy a building on foot. It was first discovered in Albion, after Natalya gave Crypto the location of its Datacore.


Meteor Shower: 3 Meteors Per Strike

Cost: 18 Furotech cells

Meteor Storm: Small Planetoid Added to 3 Meteor Strike

Cost: 22 Furotech cells

Crustacean Orbital Targeting: Increase Meteor Effectiveness Against Blisk

Cost: 25 Furotech cells

Deep Impact Triangulation System: Decrease Meteor Targeting Time

Cost: 6 Furotech cells

Armageddon Targeting Sensors: Minimum Meteor Targeting Time

Cost: 10 Furotech cells

Meteor! Pack: Increase Meteor Attractor Capacity to 3

Cost: 14 Furotech cells

Worlds Collide Clip: Increase Meteor Attractor Capacity to 5

Cost: 22 Furotech cells


  • When firing the Meteor Strike, it is advised to leave the area, as it will create a large explosion.
  • The Meteor Strike is useful to use on any boss after its discovery, as it causes a large amount of damage.
  • Its meteors come from the Martian asteroid belt as said in the description in the guide.
  • It's the only weapon that can destroy a building on foot.

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