Miss Rockwell.

"This sure doesn't look like the pie eating contest..."
―Miss Rockwell[src]

Miss Rockwell was the winner of the Rockwell Beauty Pageant at the county fair. She was very beautiful and voluptuous, but was the dumbest character in the game. She was highly sought-after, especially by the Mayor of Rockwell who had sexual thoughts about her and planned to take advantage of her stupidity and enact those thoughts. After he hypnotized Miss Rockwell to leave the fairgrounds and go to his Saucer, Crypto abducted, interrogated, and probed her. 


Miss Rockwell was never seen again in Destroy All Humans!, except for a newspaper that said that (after she was probed) she was sent to a mental institution for rambling about the existence of aliens. In Destroy All Humans! 2, she was briefly mentioned by the White Ninja Leader during a conversation in the mission, The Revenge of the Ninja.

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