Natalya Ivanova

Natalya Nikolaevna Ivanova was a Russian KGB spy who later became Cryptosporidium's lover and mother of his son. She appeared in Destroy All Humans! 2, was heard in Big Willy Unleashed, and was mentioned in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon.



Natalya has short blonde hair

While in Bay City, Albion, and Takoshima Natalya wore a black vested leather KGB uniform. She had long black boots and matching gloves which covered most of her arms. While in Tunguska, Natalya wears a fur dominant outfit to help resist the cold; an outfit that Crypto comments on almost immediately.
Crypto and Natalya

Natalya in her space suit.

While on the moon, Natalya's outfit changes to a more science fiction based spacesuit, with matching laser blaster. This outfit is mostly silver with a red collar placement and a red cod piece with a red belt. She also wears a "fishbowl" styled helmet, adding to her science fiction look.


Destroy All Humans! 2Edit

She is first encountered on The Rock in Bay City, killing a KGB agent that is about to shoot Crypto. When Crypto first catches a glimpse of her just before she disappears, he is dazed at her beauty before he shakes it off and continues the mission to prevent Bay City's destruction.

Later, after Crypto investigates an art gallery in Albion, he discovers that the statues unveiled contain the same spores that infected and mutated Agent Oranchov in the underground tunnel network. Shortly after the statues explode, Natalya arrives to help Crypto kill the infected humans. She states she is a member of the KGB but is a bit of a rebel, which Crypto is surprised at. What was even more shocking for him, is that she somehow recognized him as the President of the United States.

Later, after preventing the KGB from spreading the spores around the city from Hyde Park, Crypto escorts Natalya to her car and then to her fellow agent/lover Sergei.

After Crypto was knocked unconscious and interrogated at an underground lab in Albion by Ponsonby, Natalya infiltrated and released the lock for the room Crypto was in. She didn't reappear until after Crypto and Ponsonby's fight. She tells Crypto she needs to find the hidden files inside the KGB base, and talks Crypto into creating a distraction (i.e., attracting the attention of the KGB and the army). Once she retrieved the files, she tells Crypto to destroy the base so the KGB won't know that she took the files. She goes over the files, learning about "Project Solaris", and that the next bit of information is in Takoshima, Tokyo. In Takoshima, she and Crypto find Dr. Go and learn of the hidden KGB base located in an active volcano. When they infiltrate the base, they encounter Soviet Premier Milenkov via video feed. Milenkov demonstrated the full effects of his spores on an intern, who transforms into a giant Godzilla/Gojira-like monster called Kojira. After defeating Kojira, Crypto accompanied Natalya to Tunguska, home of the KGB.

In the USSR, Crypto and Natalya sabotage Soviet operations near the "Strange Base." Later Crypto discovers that another alien race has crash landed on Earth. They are called the Blisk, and turn out to be the enemies the Furons supposedly destroyed millennia ago. They are also known as the Martians, though the locals seem to think they are strange yetis or monsters. The Tunguska Strike of 1908 was actually a downed Blisk Warship that was thought to be a meteorite crash-landing into the Tunguskan hillside. After rescuing Natalya from a Blisk Poison Bubble, Crypto meets Milenkov face to face before the man retreats to his moon base, Solaris, in a Blisk shuttle. On the moon, Crypto discovers that Project Solaris is actually a Blisk superweapon designed to bombard the Earth with spores and let the Blisk have control of Earth as an irradiated, water-logged planet. Crypto takes on the form of a spokesman (similar to the first game) and convinces the cosmonauts to go to war with the Blisk, after telling them that they are taking away their vodka. Crypto and Natalya battle for their various species to save the Earth, and after the Blisks' main hive is destroyed, the two are about to share a kiss. Milenkov enters and shoots Natalya in the back. He then reveals himself as a Blisk himself. Crypto fights and defeats him.

After defeating Milenkov, Crypto relaxes in his Saucer while Pox appears and tells Crypto that he has detected activity in the cloning pods—he then realizes that Crypto has cloned Natalya. Lying next to him, she's appeared to give in to his lustful advances although Crypto mentions he "made a few adjustments".

Big Willy UnleashedEdit

Natalya is featured again in Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed; she is not seen, but heard over a communicator. When she calls Crypto for the first time, he doesn't remember her at all, much to the shock of Natalya. Before she can tell Crypto (who is busy on a mission) something important, he hangs up.

It is revealed that she and Crypto(Possibly 137) have split up and that she apparently has something to do with Crypto's mysterious competitor, Blastomycosis, who uses Furon equipment. When Crypto is about to execute Blasto, Natalya interrupts and pleads that Crypto not harm him because he is their son. Crypto is at first surprised by the statement and doesn't believe it, but Natalya says that Blasto was born when Crypto tampered with her DNA so that she would not be able to resist him when he cloned her. Crypto decides to let his son go free. Natalya thanks Crypto and plainly says she won't be calling him again.

Path of the FuronEdit

In Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon, Crypto makes numerous references to Natalya as, the only human he ever loved, before lamenting that the adjusted clone he created only had a four year lifespan. Orthopox seems more irritated by the fact that the emergency cloning chamber was wasted on an inferior life-form. It is revealed in dialogue that their falling out was caused when Natalya caught Crypto with a french maid in Belleville.


  • Natalya's main weapon, which she used throughout most of the game, was a Mauser C96 commonly nicknamed the Red9. The only time she uses another weapon is whilst on the moon, where she instead uses a science fiction laser pistol that matches her space suit.
  • It's possible that Natalya's clone died 1973 (seven years before the events of Destroy All Humans!: Path of the Furon) because she was cloned by Crypto in 1969 and only had a four year lifespan, which makes Crypto depressed.
  • According to Crypto, Natalya was the love of his life. It is unknown why he left her and why he never went back to her, especially after learning they had a son.
  • Natalya's voice actress was Courtenay Taylor, who has also done the voice for Patty Wurst, Prudence Kane, Jack from Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 and Ada Wong from Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil 6.



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