Nero's palazzo casino

The casino's fountain

Nero's Palazzo Casino was a important casino and location in Las Paradiso in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon.


Nero's Palazzo was situated in Western Las Paradiso, sat between two other casinos, the Deuce Hotel and the CPC Casino, and opposite the Space Dust Casino.


Nero's Palazzo played an important role in the beginning of Path of the Furon. It was run by the Morlinari Brothers, who sent a spy to gather information on the Space Dust. Crypto infiltrated Nero's Palazzo, destroyed the interior, and drove out the customers, which caused the Molinari Brothers to go to war with him. Crypto defeated the mob, destroyed their profits, and took control of Las Paradiso. After Crypto defeated the Nexosporidium Warriors, Orthopox then ordered Crypto to destroy all of Las Paradiso, including Nero's Palazzo. Although Nero's Palazzo was destroyed after the main missions in Las Paradiso, it still stood if you returned.
Nero's Palazzo

Nero's Palazzo.


  • Nero's Palazzo was based on Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, although it was based on the second building behind it.
  • Nero's Palazzo was named after Nero, one of the more famous and insane Roman Emperors.

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