Nero's palazzo casino

The casino's fountain

Nero's Palazzo Casino
is a important casino and location in Las Paradiso in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon.


It's situated in Western Paradiso, sitting between two other casinos, The Deuce Hotel and the CPC casino, and opposite Crypto's Space Dust Casino.


The casino plays an important role in the early stages of Path of the Furon. It's run by the mob brothers, the Moriartis, who have sent a spy to gather information on the Space Dust. Crypto infiltrates the mob's casino and destroys the interior, driving out the customers, causing the mob to go
Nero's Palazzo

The casino

to war with him. He defeats the mob, destroying their profits and taking control of Las Paradiso. After Crypto defeats the Nexosporidium warriors, Pox orders Crypto to destroy all of Paradiso, including the Palazzo. Although it is destroyed after the main missions in Paradiso, it still stands if you return.


  • The Palazzo is based on Caesars Palace in Vegas. Although is based on the second building behind it.
  • It's named after Nero, one of the more famously insane Roman Emperors.

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