Concept Art Psi-Mutant (2)

Psi-Mutants are an enemy only seen in Destroy All Humans! They are voiced by Steve Blum.

History Edit

Psi-Mutants are Majestic agents that have been mutated by "a dash of Furon DNA". This DNA was acquired from Cryptosporidium-136. After their introduction in Area 42, they will be seen in free roam in Area 42, Capitol City, and, if the player's alert level is high enough, Union Town.

Description Edit

PSI Mutants don't carry any weapons, but seem to have mental abilities that drain your psychokenetic energy. The cost of these powers is apparently a severe reduction in their brain power. 3 attacks are possessed by these mutants: Wave 1: A blast of green energy. this attack doesn't hurt you, but disables all your PK powers for a short time. Wave 2:this has the same effect a Wave 1, but this one goes in all directions and hurts you. Shield: this isn't an attack, but makes psi mutants invicible for a short time. a brain stem from a mutant is worth between 100 and 150 DNA.

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