Patty wurst

Patty Wurst

Patty Wurst was nothing more than a spoiled, rich, rebellious brat who didn't have any clue how to lead a revolution and who just wanted to get back at daddy. Patty's mission was to inform the public that Big Willy's food was made from dead people's flesh. She only works for the Colonel because she wants to get back at "daddy" for grounding her. When Crypto and Orthopox found out about this, they tried to eliminate her. Although failing the first time, Crypto finally kills Patty by using Big Willy to blow up the tank she was using to destroy the restaurant.


  • Patty Wurst is based on the real-life newspaper heiress Patricia "Patty" Hearst, who was kidnapped and brainwashed by SLA and joined in on bank robberies and other SLA activities.
  • Wurst is German for sausage, they made this her last name to go along with the hotdog restaurant theme of the game.
  • Patty's mission to inform the public that they're eating people is much like the classic movie "Soylent Green", where the main food source company "Soylent" feeds the overpopulated America dead people without their knowledge. This movie has the classic line "Soylent Green is PEOPLE!" (Much like Patty Wursts line "Big Willy's is PEOPLE!")

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